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Agents needed throughout Broward, Palm Beach and Dade Counties-see details below:


We are offering limited opportunities to agents that are interested in advancing their real estate career.  This opportunity is for experienced agents that have a solid background, but have struggled to generate consistent business, or experienced agents that are looking to significantly grow their existing business.




After many years as very successful Traditional Agents, this is the most common question we are asked.

As we looked around at other industries we realized that companies that did not adjust their offering or model did not survive.   Are fees going up or down?  What about service?  The best comparison may be the stock brokerage industry. Discount Brokers such as Fidelity, E-Trade, TD Ameritrade and Charles Schwab have gathered significant market share.


Where did this market share come from? They took it from “high fee” so called “full service” institutions that used tools that only they had access too. 


So what changed?  Through the internet, consumers gained access to the same tools as their Stock Broker.  Through the internet; consumers quickly became knowledgeable about trading, investing and had the ability to research and purchase stocks.  Existing companies realized they needed to adjust their fees and model or be replaced.

Could you draw the same parallel to the Real Estate Industry?  Doesn’t the internet offer the Home Buyers and Sellers access to the coveted MLS?,, Google, Trulia, and through IDX Exchange, most every agent with a website offers the consumer instant access to the MLS.


Has the Traditional Real Estate Company changed their fees or methods to better serve the demanding consumer?  Does it now cost substantially less to market and sell a home?

Keep in mind that we are constantly changing and improving our system in response to the marketplace. What we do today will change considerably as technology and the Internet continue to impact our industry.  We see our role as one of not only offering practical solutions for today, but development of new solutions for the changes we all face. We believe Assist-2-Sell is ideally positioned to benefit most from the advancements the future will undoubtedly bring.


Start practicing real estate again and stop searching for business…


The following is our view of the current opportunities facing agents when they decide what broker to work with:


How do they generate a profit?

  • Build an office that houses as many agents as possible.
  • Recruit as many agents as possible.
  • Encourage them to invest in marketing themselves and the brokers company.
  • Create a competing environment within the same company.
  • Difficult to offer agents a competitive advantage over any other agent or other traditional broker.
  • Maintain as much split and/or fees  as possible.


  • Keep office costs low.  Most agents only use the office for closings.
  • Provide agents a protected territory.  Reducing interoffice competition.
  • Provide agents with a competitive marketing advantage over every other agent through our business model.
  • Provide agents with a state-of-the-art paperless system that manages marketing, follow up, showings, and the entire closing process.
  • The Assist 2 Sell program makes the phone ring and provides unlimited opportunity.

Why sellers choose Assist 2 Sell?


Traditional Broker

  • Everyone charges about the same commission.
  • Every agent provides about the same service.
  • Every listing goes on the MLS and is distributed throughout the web.
  • So how does the agent rise above the others?

Assist 2 Sell Model

  • Sellers have a choice in programs and commission.
  • Every program offers the seller a significant savings.
  • Every program offers the same or more services than a traditional agent.
  • Can most sellers afford to pay a traditional commission?  Would you pay 6%?

Where do they come from?


Traditional Broker

  • Your sphere of influence
  • Sit Floor
  • Sit Open Houses
  • Referrals from Broker?

Assist 2 Sell Model

  • Your Listings that become buyers.
  • Your Listings that generate sign and internet calls.
  • Proven Buyer generating website.
  • State of the art system that provides prospective buyers with constant follow up.

Start practicing real estate again and stop searching for business…

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